Junior David Seicianu hopes that his club, Cru, can perpetuate the type of environment in which all Christian students are able to share their beliefs and provide support for one another on the Pacific
University campus.

As Cru begins to grow and gain more members, Seicianu hopes the club can move past typical stereotypes of Christians and develop into a more universal club focused on aiding the Pacific community as a whole, rather than just focusing on the needs of the club itself.

Seicianu hopes the club will integrate seamlessly into the Pacific community through engagement with
students and faculty, as well as the other clubs on campus.

“I would love for Cru to be a Christian club that breaks the mold of how people typically see Christians,” Seicianu said. “I want it to be inclusive, interested in community needs and foster a more loving community.”

By creating a community that focuses upon inclusivity and support, instead of prayer and exclusivity, Cru will become more than just a club for Christians, it will become a club for Pacific. Cru’s creation will see the number of Christian clubs on campus rise from two to three. While it may seem redundant to have three clubs specifically for Christian students, each one falls within its own niche and serves its own purpose.

Seicianu believes that Cru targets an audience that may overlap with the other two clubs, however, it
also reaches out to a wider community of students not involved in the other two clubs. The Pacific Christian Fellowship (PCF) is sponsored by a local church and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is specifically for Pacific athletes.

Cru is for anyone and everyone that wants to join. All members of the Pacific community are welcome.

“Our club fills a space the other clubs do not,” Seicianu said. “We are student led, and will stay or
cease to exist as a club based on student needs. PCF is sponsored by a local church and had attracted a different target audience. FCA had an athlete audience. We want to cater Cru to be for everyone.”

By competing with other clubs for a Christian audience there is worry that the attendance of both clubs may suffer, creating a divide in the Christian community. However, Seicianu says that this could not be farther from the truth.

“We are not worried. Cru and Christianity have never been about attendance. It is always about who really wants to be there,” Seicianu said. “And we hope we can do our best to serve them.”


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