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Student shares winter break experience

Tristen Nolasco

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From the snow covered peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains to the soothing waves of Southern California’s Pacific Ocean, my winter break was full of adventure.  I started my journey off with a road trip down to Southern Oregon, where a group of us met up with a close friend of ours named Taylor, who just so happens to be the best zip line guide in the world. If you ever want to see some amazing tree houses, you should take the time to meander around the magical town that is Takilma, Ore. After hanging around Southern Oregon for a while, we continued our journey along the Pacific Coast Highway until we ended up in the heart of the Redwoods, in California -and visited with some more friends in the beautiful and eclectic city of Arcata, Calif. 

Spending time in Humboldt, Calif., is always an enjoyable experience; with its beautiful forests and sheer ocean cliffs it is truly a magical land filled with friendly and helpful local people as well. As you wander through the giant trees, you might find your eyes wandering up and landing on the monkeys who call the trees home. Slack liners find refuge among the trees where they spend countless hours of fun and spread love. 

The journey then continued with a quick stop in the Bay Area for some scenic hikes, until we finally arrived in Southern California. The majority of our time down south was spent skiing and taking in the wonders of nature. When we were not in a snowy abyss, we spent our time riding waves at some of my favorite beaches. After a couple of weeks spent adventuring everyday and hitting the town on a daily basis, it was time to return to my temporary home in Forest Grove. There is so much to enjoy in a close vicinity to campus. Make a friend with a car, help with some gas money, and together access all that is around you. Take a trip to Hagg Lake or adventure into Tillamook State Forest. Go surfing on the Oregon Coast or look up some of the great disc golf courses in the area. Feed your soul with free live music at McMenamins Grand Lodge, open to all ages, or just take a walk and soak up the rich history of Forest Grove.

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