By taking surveys, the comment card system on their website, napkin talk, and monthly food forums, Bigelow has compiled a task list to be researched and executed over the summer.

“We don’t anything on a whim, said Bigelow. “A lot of research and data collecting goes into the task list to ensure our decision is the best for all of the students on campus.”

In response to many student suggestions, a new survey has been created by the dining services about a new dining location on campus. The new dining area would be placed on the north side of campus near Burlingham, Gilbert, and Vandervelden.

Bigelow said a new dining location on campus has been debated for several years now. Because of space limitations, it is hard for Bigelow and her staff to find a place where a dining location would fit.

The new survey hopes to form a collective vote on what is the best option for the north side of campus. Some ideas are a coffee kiosk or a mini convenience store. Currently, 125 students have taken the survey. All students are encouraged to share their ideas by taking the survey at

Over the summer, new changes will also be made to the RFoC and Bistro. The Bistro will be revamped with new items and an expanded vegan options. Coming this week will be a new milkshake machine in the Bistro.

A new proposed pilot program through ARAMARK wants to research the relationship the Bistro has with B Street. The research could lead to the implementing such a program in other schools. Bigelow said she is always trying to find ways to be more sustainable on campus.

The RFoC hopes to expand its vegan options and improve the Mongolian grill. Bigelow wants to make the grill more efficient by creating a better workspace for the cooks, in turn speeding up the station for students. In June, a new soy milk dispenser will be added to the beverage area.

“I like to be on the list to try new things, yet I never make a decision without student consent,” said Bigelow.

The RFoC may also receive a revamping of its interior over the summer.

Both the RFoC and Bistro are limited by their structure, yet Bigelow said she isn’t finished remodeling both areas yet.

“I like to always try every summer for students to come back to some excitement,” said Bigelow.

All decisions are made in the best interest of the students said Bigelow. She encourages students to take the surveys, participate in napkin talk, and come to open forums to share their ideas.


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