From Nov. 14 up through Thanksgiving break, University Information Services upgraded and merged Boxer Apps with several other services available to students through Google Apps for Education.

The first change was making the passwords for all Boxer Apps the same. This change was implemented by UIS in order to make students have fewer problems with all of their accounts.

New this fall, UIS merged Google Apps with the regular school applications that have been available, making services like Blogger and YouTube accessible. Something Associate Chief Information Officer Ted Krupicka said, however, is that all of the new Google applications have their own different service agreements, so be careful.

“We’re open to input if there are other Google services,” said Krupicka in regards to all of the applications Google offers.

The Nov. 14 changes caused some confusion from students and alumni, causing the help desk to receive a bulk of calls. Some people couldn’t remember their passwords or thought they did know them.

The second wave of maintenance and changes was done over Thanksgiving break, beginning Nov. 23 with Blackboard and Vault updates. Maintenance kept on through Nov. 25 involving email, the Pacific website and other smaller services as an attempt at taking advantage of the holidays when most students would be away.

Something else UIS has been working on is the installation of the multipurpose printers in Walter, Clark, McCormick and Burlingham hall. The library’s 24-hour study room and Bergland Hall now have them as well, in addition to the copy room in the library.

The convenience of having everything a computer can do plus copying and scanning all in one machine is what Krupicka demonstrated excitedly and proudly as one of the newest installments to Pacific. Scanning on the multipurpose printers is free of charge to emails or USBs.

The UIS help desk stressed to contact them if any further conflict occurs involving the changes made to Boxer apps and the printers.


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