The softball team is in the wake of its final games and with an overall record of 20-14 they are looking to get more wins in the coming games.
There are eight freshmen on the team that have contributed to the team this year.
This year’s freshmen class on the softball team includes Danielle Ashcraft, Maddie Collura, Randee Layos, Shannon Miller, Becca Moen, Rylee Parks, Lauren Reichert and Jenna Stevens.
Head Coach Tim Hill said, “The freshmen contribute in a variety of ways as they are all asked to play various roles, from playing full time to playing part time, to warming up pitchers, running bases, and simply being great teammates.”
Hill said that because they are able to fulfill these various roles the team has a better chance of being successful on the field and during games.
“Freshmen pitcher Rylee Parke has carried the pitching load throughout the season and has been a solid contributor to our success. She currently ranks 11th in the nation with 11 wins,” Hill said.
According to Hill, the other freshmen pitchers on the team, Danielle Ashcraft and Shannon Miller also contribute a lot to the successes of the team.
“Pitchers always have the toughest transition from high school to college. They are suddenly being asked to compete against older, more mature players and players who have all been high school all-stars,” said Hill. ”Under the circumstances, our three freshmen pitchers have all performed well,”
As far as the other freshmen on the team that play other positions go, Hill said that they all contribute positively to the team as well.
Hill said “If they continue to grow and progress as players and as student-athletes, they will have the opportunity to replace many of our current starters and continue the success of the softball program.”
With the season coming to an end, Hill believes the softball team is looking strong with the up and coming talent from the freshmen class.
Hill said he hopes to have years of successful seasons as the girls continue to get better as a team.


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