Spring break offers a much-needed breather for students, but getting back into your school routine can be difficult. As someone who transferred to Pacific University from a college that had three terms in the school year, I find coming back from spring break is more difficult because it occurs in the middle of the semester.

This leaves room for some professors to assign class work over the break, which ruins the whole point of having a week off. At least with winter break there is the possibility of students having exams scheduled early on in finals week, granting them a few extra days off. But there is always a full week of classes before spring break, some students solve this issue by skipping their Thursday and Friday classes.

There is also the fact that some students may want to use their limited break time to travel, but are restricted due to the length of the break. The cost of traveling home, for example, may not be worth it if they can only stay for a few days. Two solutions to this are to either extend spring break or cancel classes the Thursday and Friday before break. If the break were extended to two weeks instead of one, it would give students time to do possible assigned work while still getting to enjoy time off.

Another possibility is limiting the amount of work allowed to be assigned over the break. Canceling two days of classes would give students extra travel time without having to worry about missing class. One week of spring break is not an efficient amount of time to travel, do homework and actually enjoy the time off.


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