At Pacific University there is a term offered between fall and spring semesters called Winter Term, commonly referred to as “Jan Term” by students. This term starts on Jan. 9 and runs until Jan 24. This term is one of the most beneficial aspects of Pacific. 
Being a student athlete and taking 18 credit terms in the spring semester is an utter nightmare. Winter Term gives me and other student athletes the opportunity to knock out some credits prior to spring. Many students use this time to get rid of core requirements like Art and History. Others use it to knock out Civic Engagement. Some peopke like to take two of these two credit terms, and create the four hours required for some major classes. Using the fun and out of the box classes like Fermentation Sciences and Marine Biology for non-science majors, all four science hours will be filled.
Winter Term gives students the chance to take two 2-credit classes instead of one 4-credit class that would take up a big chunk of time during regular semester hours. Using the fun and out of the box classes like Fermentation Sciences and Marine Biology for non-science majors where four science hours will be filled.
 By planning it out and doing prior research, this mini-term has became a huge help in knocking out classes not required for my major, but required by 
Pacific for graduation.
To be fair, the only reason this term was an option was because I had to be here for baseball season and practices. Without it, who knows if I would have signed up for classes in this term unless I had to. One awesome thing about winter term is that many short-term travel courses are offered during this time. In the upcoming 2017 Winter Term, students are 
travelling to France for a Culinary Tour to learn about the history and prominence of food in French culture. 
Students are also travelling to Ecuador where they can teach in middle and high schools along with other service learning opportunities. Most courses are only offered every other year though, so you will not see these courses offered until 2019. 
It is a great term to use if you are falling behind in credits, have unwanted classes you need to take, or as an alternative to studying abroad. But what about those who are caught up and do not need extra credits? Opting out of this term could add an extra three plus weeks to one’s winter break time. Now that sounds incredible and hard to resist, but if there are classes one needs to take to stay on course or maybe jump ahead, why not take the three weeks and use it to your advantage? After all, how much are all of us paying to attend this school? Get your money’s worth while you can.

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