Students of Pacific University and community members alike rushed to the corner of 21st Avenue and Main Street to grab one last cinnamon roll on Feb. 16, but they may have a few more sugar-filled Saturdays in their future.

After announcing the closure of Maggie’s Buns last week, the owner of the iconic Forest Grove business said the recent support the small coffeehouse received has her rethinking her plans.

Tammi Howard, who took over the business from founder Maggie Pike last May, initially took to Facebook on Feb. 12 to announce Maggie’s Buns would close on the following Saturday. But just two days later, on Feb. 14, Howard completed a follow-up post that said the cafe would remain open through the month of February while she considers all of her business options.

“We have had several members of the community come forward to try to find a way to keep the bunhouse open. To see if this is possible, we are extending our planned closing date,” read part of the Facebook post.

In addition to these community members, Pacific students also flocked to the local business. Due to its 22 year residency in downtown Forest Grove, Maggie’s Buns has easily become a staple in some students college experience.

“It’s like a right of passage when you come to Pacific,” freshman Ella Cutter said. “You visit the school, get a tour of campus, and then go to Maggie’s for brunch afterward.”

During its initially advertised last day, students shuffled in and out of the business looking to pick up their last orders of Magster omelettes, Dumpster Madness breakfast burritos and, of course, giant cinnamon buns.

Whether this recent show of appreciation and loyalty will be enough for Howard to consider keeping the business open beyond Feb. 28 is still unknown. But as Howard put it in her latest Facebook message, “We will keep you posted.”


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