Pacific University’s Career Development Center (CDC) works every year to help both current students and alumni find their perfect career path. The CDC plays an integral part in helping prepare students for life after college. And provides them with essential career building skills valuable in the working world by regularly offering workshops on resume building, internship coordinating and job searching.

According to CDC Director Brian O’Driscoll, the key to a student’s success after college is early and regular planning.

“Our hope is that students start their career planning well before their graduation,” O’Driscoll said. “Students are going to do a lot better getting a job they know they want to apply for, if they get applications and job searches going before they leave Pacific.”

Part of the career building process for O’Driscoll and his staff in helping students on a daily basis at the CDC involves information gathering, which can help students who are unsure about what they want to do after school get a better idea of future goals.

“We hope that information gathering can help students replace whatever preconceptions they might have, with substantive credible information of the workforce,” O’Driscoll said. “It may at least sure them up or affirm what ideas they may have about a certain career.”

After students further affirm their career goals, the CDC can help with connection building and offer advice on how to be a competitive applicant. The CDC plans to remain an active voice on campus next semester and will host the spring Work and Service Fair in February and the first ever Career and Graduate School Expo in March.

O’Driscoll encourages students to continue making work and personal connections in college and to schedule a meeting at the CDC earlier rather than later.


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