The building on the corner of Main Street and Pacific Avenue had several structural problems. The roof leaked, the plumbing had issues and the apartments on the top floor suffered from mold. It was clear, the building needed a remodel. For about three to four years, many recognized the location as Connies Corner Cafe. The space also had an unfinished basement, a few apartments on the top floor and the thrift shop that occupied the other half of the building. The building is currently being restored back to its original look out front with no covered area. The six to eight apartments are currently being renovated and the basement has been finished with an exhaust system and its own outside entrance. “Because it’s in the downtown core, it has to be either retail or commercial so you can’t put office space in there,” Howard Sullivan, executive director of The Forest Grove and Cornelius Chamber of Commerce said.
“It could be an eatery, it could be a drink place, but none of that’s in discussion right now, people are just talking.” But this is not the only project underway in the community. Where Izgaras used to be, an authentic Peruvian restaurant called Yellow Llama has taken its place. “They are still operating a soft-opening menu,” Jeffrey King, director of economic development for the city of Forest Grove said. “The husband has known skills with cocktails and the food is quite good, it’s different.” 
Jesse Quinn lot across the street from Wells Fargo bank will have more new additions. This project is in phase one of erecting a four story building with retail on the bottom and market-rate apartments on the top three floors: “a nice urban look,” King said. “I think the Jesse Quinn is significantly important for the city,” Sullivan said. “What’s happening because of this development, now more people are wanting to develop in Forest Grove.
I think it’s pretty cool.” Further out, next to ACE Hardware, there is a 40,000 acre lot that will have about 192 walk-up unit apartments with a possible laundromat and the city is working on some food-service leads as well. They are toying with idea of having a coffee shop or kiosk. “What’s going to happen for people when they drive into Forest Grove is there’s going to be a different look to Forest Grove,” Sullivan said. New additions to the city that will add more opportunities, King adds.

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