The Reverend Chuck Currie, Director of the center of Peace and Spirituality, University Chaplain, and Assistant Professor of Religious studies at Pacific University, was invited to attend the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House.

Since 2010, President Barack Obama has hosted an annual Easter Prayer Breakfast usually held a few days before or after easter. The breakfast serves as an outreach to religious communities. In addition to the Easter Prayer Breakfast, leaders from various other traditions are invited throughout the year to the White House to celebrate festivals surrounding different faiths.

Currie has gone to the White House several times since president Obama took office. He first served on the board of the National Coalition of the Homeless while working with Obama when he was a senator.

Currie Worked on advising some of Obama’s campaign in 2007 and 2008, when he ran for the presidency. He also visited the White House for the opportunity to welcome Pope Francis to the United States in the fall.

Most recently, Currie visited the White House along with about 100 other people who represented different denominations.

“There were some people who love the president like I do and there were some people there who really can’t stand the president and who are very Conservative,” Currie said.

Currie explained that the breakfast was a great opportunity to socialize for a few hours talking, sharing stories, and building connections.

“Most who were in attendance in that group had known each other for the last 8 or 9 years. A lot of the group worked on the Affordable Care Act and the Iran deal,” Currie said. “We were a pretty tight knit group and there was a great feeling of nostalgia.”

Each of those in attendance also got to spend a brief moment individually talking with the president and vice president in the Blue Room. Currie is also campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the race for the 2016 Presidential Election.

He is in contact with the campaigns policy staff, political staff, and political director frequently to discuss policy ideas and political advice. He also had the opportunity to meet with former President Bill Clinton in March.


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