The incoming class isn’t the only fresh faces to join Pacific. Bob Black was hired May 13 as the Environmental Health and Public Safety Manager, replacing Rob Dahl who resigned Jan. 16, 2013.

“Higher education offered a different level of challenges,” said Black.

While the layout of the office hasn’t changed much, save for Black’s collection of Star Trek figurines, the man behind the desk brings new ideas for professionalism to the team of seven Forest Grove Campus Public Safety officers.

His background includes a bachelor’s degree in history, seven years as Regional Security Manager for Kaiser Permanente, investigator for Portland Public Schools and is a retiree of the Army National Guard after serving two tours in the Middle East.

“My background works for this,” said Black. “We are a strong healthcare campus.”

Black was chosen in a second round of interviews, as the first round did not have a viable match for Pacific.

The interview board included Director of Facilities Harold Roark, who stepped in temporarily after Dahl left, Dean of Students Will Perkins, Associate Director of Athletics Lauren Esbensen, Director of Human Resources Troy Strass and  Senior Campus Public Safety Officer Jerry Rice.

Prior to Black, Rice and Roark held day-to-day operations and manager duties respectively. Having a safety manager relieves shift coverage and stress, said Rice.

“It will be nice to have a manager back,” said Rice when the interviews were still being held.

And changes have already been implemented.

Thirteen cameras have been stationed around campus parking lots to increase safety.

“It’s not about watching students,” said Black. “It’s to go back if there was an issue and more for outsiders.”

For example, Cannery Field has two new cameras. Parking lots M, I and F now have two new cameras as well.

Campus Public Safety’s DVR server was upgraded to store over 60 days of footage with two terabytes of memory.

The uniforms are also changing for the second year in a row.

“We want more of the school colors on the uniform,” said Black. And by that, he means the color red.

Red polos and black tactical vests are on their way. The vests would contain all of the normal gear making it easier for officers to cool off and better for their backs, said Black.

He also allowed the officers to wear shorts again.

“They can wear professional gear in appearance and look casual,” he said.

The next goal is halfway through the works.

Black has sat down with a risk management team and covered a checklist of where Pacific stands on emergency situations.

“I want to polish up emergency and safety plans,” said Black, holding a pile of papers with various checks showing how prepared Pacific would be in different situations.


“I’m seeing where Pacific stands with disaster planning.”

A Mickey Mouse tie contrasts the professionalism Black talked about bringing to Pacific.

He hopes to be the first university in the state to have all the campus officers gain In-home Supportive Services (IHSS) certification. He’s also looking into having American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) certification.

Another change is Strass will be Black’s direct report. This is to better serve the university and to unify the support of risk management, said Vice President of Finance and Administration Mike Mallery.

Black can be found in his office located in the CPS building or can be contacted by email at

CPS offers an escort program to walk students staff or faculty on and off campus, jump-starting vehicles, inflating tires, opening locked vehicles, key assistance into labs classrooms or residence halls.

To report crime or suspicious behavior, call CPS at 503-352-3063.


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