Rumors have swirled around campus this year regarding Campus Public Safety’s policy on entering university-owned spaces without permission. However, according to Robert Dahl, Environmental and Health Safety manager of Campus Public Safety, there has been zero change in policy.

According to Dahl, there were three or four significant events that happened at the end of the spring 2011 semester that raised awareness about CPS entering rooms.

Dahl said that in every housing contract signed by on-campus residents, policies are outlined describing that officials can enter a room if they suspect a policy violation. According to the housing contract, CPS officers, as officials of the university, can enter the space without consent if necessary.

While the policy on CPS officers entering university owned spaces has not changed, Dahl did point out that he and his team have closely reviewed their own search and seizure practices in recent months to make sure they are acting in an appropriate manner.


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