May panel to discuss life skills for recent grads

Stephanie Haugen

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A Life After College panel will be held May 5 at 5 p.m. in the Burlingham Lobby. The panel is free and open to all students.

Four guest speakers will discuss financial planning, housing information and employment guidelines pertinent to all college students but especially seniors.

The panel will consist of Pacific graduate and financial planner EJ Cortez, Mike Johnson from Pacific’s financial aid office, Troy Strass from the Human Resources department and Forest Grove local Jon Stagnitti.

Johnson will provide tips, including effective ways to pay off student loans.

Strass, Director of Human Resources, will discuss issues students may encounter with future employers, including benefits packages and contracts.

Stagnitti, a local property owner and real estate agent, will speak about housing matters students are likely to face in the near future. He will talk about rental contracts, the proper questions to ask when searching for a home and tips for being a good renter.

The event is put on by the Office of Alumni Relations in partnership with the Resident Housing Association and Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow.

According to Director of Alumni Relations, Martha Calus-McLain, this event is not designed to pressure students about what they want to do with the rest of their lives, but instead provides tools to help students build a future.

“It’s easy to get engaged with your college life. It gets easy not to think about the future,” Calus-McLain said. “Take an hour and focus on your future in a way that’s not overwhelming.”

The event does not require students to RSVP, but organizers hope attendance will improve from their first attempt at the event in 2009.

There will be free food to celebrate the panel and Cinco de Mayo.

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