A year ago, activities and events were all hosted online along with the majority of classes. Unfortunately, this meant that many students could not get the full college experience of one of the most anticipated events, the annual Club Fair hosted by the Undergraduate Student Senate. 

Club fair took place on Friday, Sep. 10, and gave students the opportunity to connect with other peers outside of their regular classes. There was a more palpable feeling of community this year versus the virtual club fair last year.

This year, Pacific got the opportunity to host their Club Fair in person, once again. The lively energy picked up right where it left off with music and prizes for everyone. 

“It’s just refreshing to see everybody getting involved and engaged,” said Oliver Alexander, a senior at Pacific studying Criminal Justice, Law, and Society. “I heard it was a lot better than last year.” Alexander not only attended the fair this year but also hosted the Delta Chi Delta table. They were also able to join two clubs and greet many students as they signed up for Greek Life. 

There were 59 organizations at the fair, which included 55 clubs. In total, there are 75 total organizations under the Student Senate, with 65 being student-led clubs. Other organizations that aren’t considered clubs like Greek Life, the Multicultural Center, and Outdoor Pursuits were also present at the fair Many clubs offered things like candy, snacks, food, stress balls, stickers, and more. There were also opportunities to get Pacific swag and also maps to show where Pacific students come from. 

“It was really nice, we don’t have anything like it in the U.K. There were clubs there that weren’t on the website so it was nice to see what was available,” says Georgia Stanton, an exchange student from England. She mentioned that she wishes that the tables were a little bit more spaced out because of how many students attended.

After a year of zoom university, Pacific students are starting to get their in-person college experience they were looking forward to. Club Fair was one of the most anticipated in-person events for students to get involved in campus activities. — Ashley Meza

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Ashley Meza was born and raised in Portland and is a senior studying journalism. She is currently the student life section editor and hosts the Index Podcast. She holds the DACA Coordinator position at the Student Multicultural Center and enjoys making short films in her free time.

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