The Activities and Cultural Events (ACE) Board and Greek life have had some trouble finding ways to engage students on campus, but despite all restrictions, they are hopeful that students will still find ways to be a part of Pacific’s unique culture.

ACE Board is an organization on the Pacific campus that works independently as well as synchronously with clubs at Pacific. They organize events such as open mic nights, movie nights, and concerts. Julian Bunch, the Chair of Ace Board, stated, “We are still learning how to deal with this [COVID] ourselves. We are trying to figure out what attracts the students.” Keeping social distancing guidelines while engaging students has proven especially difficult because there are so many students who want to attend these events.

“We aren’t too optimistic about lifting COVID restrictions.” Bunch hopes that this semester will help ACE Board learn what works and what doesn’t, so they can provide the best college experience they can for the students.

Another social group at Pacific that hopes to bring some life to campus is Greek life. Denise Giesbers, the advisor for both Pacific University Greek Senate (PUGS) and the sorority Alpha Kappa Delta, wants students to know that, “Greek life at Pacific is very different than what people typically think of as Greek life.” All of the chapters at Pacific are local instead of national chapters. Having a local chapter instead of a National chapter means that the students here at Pacific get to decide the rules and culture they want to promote.

In their efforts to recruit incoming freshmen and new members, all Greek life chapters will still be hosting “Rush” events, to give students an opportunity to get to know each Sorority, Fraternity, and Diaternaty. A member of the Phi lambda Omicron Sorority, and PUGS chair, Olivia Chau invites, “any student that wants to join Greek life to come participate in any of the events.” Many of the events will be held on Zoom, or in an outside area with being social distancing and mask requirements. 

Life at Pacific looks very different for all students this year, but ACE Board and Greek life Clubs are doing their best to promote fun and safety throughout the campus.

If interested in Participating in Rush week, follow @pugreeksenate on Instagram or email Rush week ends on October 4th. — Marissa Liao

Photo: Pacific’s sorority hosts the Greek Olympics in 2019


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