Youtube influencer Alex Aiono hyped up the university late Saturday night with his original Work the Middle and a few covers such as “I Spy,” by KYLE ft. Lil Yachty. Aiono, who both sings and produces, has a Youtube following of an estimated 5.8 million followers and performed with opening act VIAA.

VIAA is a band in the genres of both indie pop and R&B. A four member band full of beautiful empowered women, VIAA sang their hearts out in each song and introduced the crowd to their original pieces titled “Crash” and “Run Around.” They also gave an amazing performance of the song “Shallow,” originally sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the movie “A Star is Born.” It is one of VIAA’s favorite songs to perform together, and they gave an amazing performance for the Pacific crowd.

“I enjoyed the first act because of how in tune the performers were with the crowd,” said student Noelle Bright. “They not only communicated with us but acknowledged us.”

During his performance Aiona was losing his voice, but he tried preventative measures, such as drinking pineapple juice, to keep from losing it completely. He made sure to put on the jam “Thotiana” for everyone to bust down to, and Aiono came out and worked the stage.

In between lyrics, Aiona would throw in a few dance moves. Aiono made a point through his entire performance to meet eyes with people in the crowd, and even reached out to touch a few hands. The entire audience was dancing and having a great time listening to some hits. Aiono finished his performance around midnight with his song “Work the Middle” for the second time of the night. He made it a point to take pictures and engage with students after the show.

Shout out to the ACE board for bringing two incredible influencers to the Pacific University community. Students were able to get together, dance, and enjoy a night full of music.


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