With the spring semester in full swing, students are already feeling overwhelmed. This begs the question which semester is easier, fall or spring?

The answer to this question honestly depends on the person. One thing that has a major impact on the answer is whether or not that person took a winter term class or waited to come back to Pacific for the start of the spring semester.

Winter term is a positive experience, with great classes offered, but at the end of the two weeks of three hour class, students feel burned out. Less than a week later, they start their spring classes and this causes an overwhelming feeling for students.

The spring semester for others is a breeze after a stressful fall semester. It is very common for students to overload on credits in the fall and take a lot less in the spring. The feelings are mixed for everyone, but it also depends on the classes that people are taking.

One common subject where students are feeling more overwhelmed than the fall is with languages, whether that be Spanish, German, Japanese, etc. Some freshman surveyed are definitely feeling more pressure in the spring.

Whether a person is overwhelmed or not often depends on the day of week. For some people, classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are a breeze, yet their Tuesday/Thursday classes are super stressful and vice versa.

People with later classes feel less stressed because they are able to sleep in and tend to have more time do work on assignments.

Sports also play a major role in whether students are feeling more stressed in the spring vs. the fall. When a sport is in season, they have less free time to work on assignments and are typically working on homework later due to their practices and games.  

Overall, the question of whether spring or fall semester is harder is mixed and depends on the person. Regardless of whether this semester is harder or easier, push through, because May will be here quicker than you might think.


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