With a larger budget for the year, Pacific University’s Campus Wellness office had more money to expand its yearly de-stressing Puppies on the Patio event. The original plan for expansion was to replicate the yearly May Day event during fall semester, including a bounce house, said organizers, but the plans did not pan out.

“There’s a reason we don’t have May Day celebrations in the winter,” organizer Joshua Boyer said. “It’s because it would turn into mud.”

In lieu of active events during the rainy season, the Self Care committee of Campus Wellness began reaching out to other groups on campus to share their own methods of self-care. Campus Wellness reached out to Alpha Kappa Delta, Art Club, Boxer Food Share, the Counseling Center, Hispanic Heritage Club and Undergraduate Student Senate during the planning process. Boyer said that the organizations were receptive to helping, but club leaders were unsure what assistance they could provide. “We want them to just be fully creative,” Boyer said. “We all put academia first, and that’s why we don’t push people to work more.”

Organizers asked committee members to attract groups to the event by drawing on their connections rather than depending entirely on the groups they knew themselves. Boyer said he shares the responsibility for communication among the group and lets all committee members have some ownership over the event.

Boyer hopes that the additions will not make the event drift too far away from its core. “Self-care and destress is different for everybody,” Boyer said. “No matter what we do, we want it to be healthy.”

Puppies on the Patio will feature puppies, borrowed from the same group as last year, on the UC Patio and a quiet room in the Boxer Pause with coloring sheets and hot beverages. It will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Dec. 5.


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