Aramark, Pacific University’s food service provider, plans to become more sustainable this semester by encouraging students to take smaller portions and to reuse whatever they can.

Putting a larger emphasis on reusable to-go containers campus-wide is one way Aramark plans to achieve this goal said Gabriella Brill, sustainability coordinator at Aramark.

Other plans for increased sustainability include relaunching the University Center’s Mug Library, and relaunching and expanding the composting program in residence halls.

Brill also plans for Aramark to donate some uneaten meals to the Boxer Food Share.

Aramark plans to reduce food waste by encouraging students to eat smaller portions, and to instead go through The Grove multiple times for second helpings if they still feel hungry.

“Students are not charged for swiping their card through the front entrance of The Grove multiple times in one meal period,” Brill said. “The swipes are used to estimate the correct amount of food to be produced for each meal.”

Aramark has also replaced its plastic dishware, previously used at catering events, with new reusable bamboo dishware. Organizers may opt out of using bamboo plates by paying a $15-$30 environmental fee, depending on the event size.

The fee reflects the “true cost these single use items have on our natural environment,” according to promotional material released by Aramark.


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