Four Pacific students conquered the waves of the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday Sept. 8 as part of Outdoor Pursuits new surf series workshop.

Under the guidance of Professor Aaron Greer, up to nine students were able to sign up to attend two workshop classes on Tuesday evenings.

Following the classes are three field day surf trips on Saturdays from Sept. 8 to Oct. 3.

The idea for the series started about a month ago when Director of Outdoor Pursuits Phillip Zook Friesen approached Greer on the topic.

And Greer, who has been doing weekend trips with Outdoor Pursuits for seven years, was eager to have the opportunity to teach the class.

“Ultimately I would like to have the class count for credit,” Greer said.

The class, mainly for beginners, goes through the process of how to approach surfing both physically and mentally.

But surf lessons aren’t the only thing students’ take away from the class. Greer teaches oceanography and shows the class a strenuous abdominal workout.

Greer, who is also an anthropology professor, also goes in depth about the difference between teaching the surf class and teaching one of his anthropology courses.

“I have always tried to be very methodical with the way I teach,” Greer said. “The fun part about teaching the class is that we get to be active while learning compared to giving a lecture where everyone is just sitting down.”


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