In high school, there was the honor roll to recognize students for their hard work academically. In college, there is the Dean’s List. As students make the transition from high school to college, many develop the idea that because straight A’s are less important for advancement in college, it’s okay to slack off a little. However, those students who have continued their go-hard work ethics, or developed one since coming to Pacific, still have an opportunity be recognized.

The Dean’s List is a special honor for any undergraduate student who achieves at least a 3.70 GPA during a semester of at least 12 graded credits, as pass/no pass classes do not apply. The honor is highly coveted, as only 15-18 percent of students each semester qualify. For Fall 2012, approximately 284 students made the list, or about 17.9 percent.

Assistant Dean Steve Smith is very pleased with the percentage of students receiving the honor.

“Over the last eight to 10 years, the percentage has slowly risen,” said Smith. “When I first started here around 10 years ago, that number was only about 12 percent.”

Smith attributes this increase to two things: the university’s ability to recruit and admit more able students for an overall higher quality of student body, and the accomplishments and dedication of our faculty.

Furthermore, this honor means almost as much to our faculty as it does to the students.

“I love getting to see and recognize the names on that list. Sometimes, I’ll catch the name of a student who hasn’t done so well in the past, and to see their accomplishment makes me very proud,” said Smith.

A congratulatory letter signed by both Smith and Dean Lisa Carstens personally notifies students who make the Dean’s List during a semester. Additionally, University Advancement notifies the students’ hometown newspapers with the information.

Finally, the students’ names are displayed on plaques in the Marsh Hall first floor lobby and in the office suite of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. These are generally well-seen areas, helping to ensure recognition of these hardworking students.

For more information on the Dean’s List process, the online Academic Catalogue reiterates the requirements and recognitions.


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