The event featuring over 100 published authors is back again for its 14th year in a row. Pacific is celebrating its Published Authors of 2012 in the library from April 8 to 19 at the Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses.

What started as an extension of American Library Week in 1999 has grown to an almost two week event where students, faculty and staff are recognized for having published works in 2012. These works are displayed in both libraries.

“One thing that has kept it going is the enthusiasm of our library staff,” said library director Marita Kunkel. “This is one of my favorite events.”

The event takes some time to get together. It involves a lot of research and the interlibrary loan staff and others as well said Kunkel.

Kunkel said library administrative assistant Susan Schubothe has set up the event for years, but is retiring in June.

Circulation advisor, Stephanie Miller is working with Schubothe to learn the process of setting up the event.

Kunkel said a fairly new aspect of the event has become a success over the last three years is featuring some of the authors being honored in a short program during the reception event on the Forest Grove campus.

Last year she said they invited editors of all of the journals and magazines Pacific publishes to speak.

“This has been a great success,” said Kunkel. “We thought the campus might be surprised by how much actual publishing goes on here.”

Last year Kunkel asked if authors of grants could be honored as well. She said grant activity has increased at Pacific and she thought it would be fun to highlight this.

The reception date has not been decided, but will take place during the 12 day event.

Authors from the last 14 years up to 2012 are featured on Pacific’s website.


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