This campus is comprised of college students, who don’t always have enough money to buy all the clothes they need, let alone enough closet space. When packing for college students immediate thoughts aren’t, “Oh right, I don’t want to forget my evening gown.” For that reason, Garments to Go has come up with a service to provide nice clothes to students for events such as dances, interviews or presentations. Best of all, it’s free.

Garments to Go provides items such as dresses, male dress clothes, purses, scarves, jewelry, shoes and ties for formal events. They also lend out graduation gowns for free. There is a decent inventory to select from and the clothes are in style.

Jaime Birch is a student involved in Garments to Go, and the person students want to talk to if they go to borrow an article of clothing. Birch said about the service, “College is expensive and to provide clothes of such quality for students to borrow is a great resource we can make available to ‘broke college kids.’”

Garments to Go is located in Bates House room B6 and is open from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., or by special appointment. So when students are going through their closets and can’t seem to find anything to wear for a concert or presentation, all hope is not lost. Just remember Garments to Go is just around the corner.


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