For the first time since the event began, Hall-O-Safe is being moved from Halloween. It will be held Saturday, Oct. 27 from 3 to 5 p.m. The event will be held on only the south side of campus, which includes Clark, Walter and McCormick Halls, as well as the quad.

“We wanted the event to be held on a weekend so it was easier for the community to get involved,” said Events and Activities Coordinator Ally Shackleford. “It is more like a carnival this year, so this just makes it easier and more centralized.”

Planning for the event began on Sept. 10, when students involved in RHA began contacting the News-Times, CPS and the community to notify them of the event. RHA is also in charge of awarding prizes for Best Hall, Best Floor, Best Hall Council and Best Activity.

“The real responsibility is in the RAs,” said Shackleford. “They have to come up with a theme for their hall and are in charge of coordinating everything within the halls as far as decorations and ambience.”

The date and location of the event was changed to ensure the highest level of enjoyment for trick-or-treaters and to ease the burden of the students on campus involved.

“It is a great way for Pacific to give back to the Forest Grove Community and just have a really great time,” said Shackleford.


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