On September 7, both new and old clubs and sororities were everywhere in the quad during the joint  Boxer Bash and Club Fair.

Every year, the Residence Hall Association sponsors the fair. Students were able to directly speak to any organizations that met their own interests.

“It is intended to be a spirit rally based around a carnival-like atmosphere,” Student Senate President Blaise Holden said. “And it typically has things like inflatables, events and music put on by the clubs. This year is the first year that we combined them.”

These events consisted of sorority hennas, bouncy house and much more. This resulted in an excellent turnout and positive reviews from those who attended.

“It had a good flow,” freshman Disney Sato said, “You walk out through Clark Hall and it just kind of loops around the quad, so it’s really well organized. You got to meet a whole new bunch of people this way and make new friends.”

Boxer Bash showed that the students have many interests. A string of new clubs were able to get their names known and voices heard as more people joined them.

“Most of the clubs got two pages of signatures,” Leadership Vice President Adriana “Coco” Kapfer said, “so that’s pretty awesome.” Kapfer was in charge of organizing all the clubs on campus. This consisted of communicating with them, seeing what they needed and helping them reserve tables for this event.

One of the clubs that the senate and RHA helped to promote was the Electric Dance Music Club. This club began March of last semester and has been recruiting more members since.

“We try to promote and throw electronic dance events on campus,” club president Richard Murphy said. “as well as teach anyone who is interested DJ-ing and techniques or electronic music production techniques.”

Murphy is an amateur producer at the moment and welcomes anyone else who carries the same passion in electronic music. The goal of the club, however, spreads far past making music.

“We also have a lot of investment in creating a visual experience,” Murphy said.  “We have members in the PUMA and audio and video, so it’s not just dancing, it’s also an exhibition of visual art form as well.”

EDMC also plans to take their influence throughout the campus.

“At the same time we started the club,” Murphy said, “a lot of the dances here were not necessarily what we’re interested in and have created dances on campus where we can show off stuff that we created in the club.”

Thanks to the Boxer Bash, nearly every club on campus is taking their recognition to higher levels and will continue to increase their number of members.

The Electronic Dance Music Club was one of the many clubs and represented at Pacific’s annual Club Fair. This year, the event was combined with Boxer Bash.

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