For Pacific senior Sebastian Bannister Lawler and junior Richard Murphy, a club is not a clique to encompass like-minded people. It is an opportunity to teach something new to many different students with a common interest.

This is one of the key goals of Lawler and Murphy in their newly founded club, the Electronic Dance Music Club.

The two met a couple of years ago through friends while living in Walter Hall and recently reconnected this fall. It was through this reconnection that they were able to find a common goal they felt could be achieved through the EDMC.

Although Murphy has experience with the electronic dance music genre as a semi-pro DJ under the stage name “Stroh,” Lawler agreed with Murphy EDMC was a means of creating “a collaborative, creative medium for Pacific,” Murphy said. Although the club searches for students who have an interest in the electronic dance music genre and how it is created, there is potential those interested students will vary in their fields of study.

The club founders hope that this connection amongst different departments will “lead to a really diverse club in the future,” Lawler said, one that will “break down barriers” between students who have not found a reason to venture far outside their department.

“We are hoping to have more events next year that incorporate ideas involve other departments,” Murphy added.

For now, though, the duo is simply looking to get the word out on campus about the EDMC. They are eager to welcome new members and potentially, more officers and other DJs. They have already begun the process of meeting students through a workshop they hosted on campus last week for students interested in learning how to create electronic dance music. Five students showed up for the event.

EDMC’s first large event will be taking place in the U.C. on April 20 at 10 p.m. following Lip Sync and the Drag Show. The two-hour performance will include music of Stroh in addition to guest DJ, “Stroh.” Although Murphy said that he and Lawler plan to “keep this event a little more conservative” to simply get their foot in the door, there will still be many samples of music for the audience to get any idea of what the electronic dance music genre entails.

Lawler added that this is a great opportunity for students who are not old enough to get into clubs, as the event will provide a similar atmosphere. Also, they hope at this event to meet “anyone who is even curious or just wants to dance,” Lawler said.


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