More than 150 middle-schoolers will flock onto campus this Saturday, March 3 in search of their future career. “Soar With Your Dreams,” sponsored by the Forest Grove School District for the last 10 years, brings in guest speakers from a variety of fields in order to introduce fifth through eighth graders to different professions.

Guest professionals will talk to kids about what their occupations entail and usually organize a hands-on activity. Workshops are offered in professions ranging from beautician to veterinarian and actor to lawyer.

Connie Potter, the Director of Communications and Partnership Development for the Forest Grove School District, organized the event with volunteers.

“It’s important to give kids an introduction to careers and thinking about careers,” said Potter. “We want to get them excited about their future and get them to dream big.”

Pacific donates the space, which Potter said, “makes all the difference. Pacific has been a wonderful partner in this.”

Not only is the space necessary to host the event, but Potter said having it at Pacific allows “kids to get a feel for what it’s like to be on a college campus. That alone is inspiring and helps them set that goal.”

The program asks kids to start thinking about their career path early so they can be more prepared. In addition, it creates more connections with the community.

Director of University Conference Services Lois Hornberger will be a guest presenter along with Bethany Bigelow, Pacific’s dining services director.

Potter is always looking for new careers to include based on kids’ requests and emerging professions. So far, the kids and parents who have participated have given very positive feedback and often sign up several years in a row.

This year, the program’s keynote speaker is David George Gordon, a scientist and the author of “Eat a Bug Cookbook.” The book features recipes that include a variety of insects and other critters. Gordon will make a few of his recipes and let the kids sample them.

Potter and her staff members hope to improve the program every year with more speakers in career fields kids request along with continued fun.

Those who are interested in giving career presentations or students who are interested in volunteering on campus the day of the program can contact Connie Potter at 503-359-2420 or


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