In addition to many other events throughout Earth Week, an Earth Day Concert will be held on Fri. April 22. The concert will take place on the campus’ east lawn, from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. If it rains, the concert will be moved to the U.C. dining area.

There will be four musical acts. The first three bands are of various genres and comprised mostly of Pacific students and the fourth band is a combination of both students and faculty.

This year is the Earth Day Concert’s debut, and sophomore, Maya Knowles said she was very grateful for the support she had when she first came up with the idea. Knowles took an environmental science course last year and was looking for an entertaining way to emphasize the importance of the connection between students and their environment.

Knowles said that the broader theme of the concert would be sustainability. More specifically, she said she was hoping to change students’ perceptions on the topics of global warming that she said can be “extremely daunting” to students and often stands in the way of getting involved. She added “A lot of people think that they cannot do anything about it, so they don’t.”

Knowles said her goal is for students to not only be entertained with good music at the concert, but also change their minds on how much they can really contribute to sustainability efforts. Knowles will be speaking to the audience at the event and stressing that even though acts such as drinking water from the tap or unplugging unused appliances may seem helpless, they all do contribute to a more sustainable future, little by little.

Although Knowles has yet to see the results of this year’s concert, she is hoping that it will become an annual event in the Earth Week lineup. After the experience and support she gathered this year, she said that she will be better prepared and know how to help make improvements in the future.

Other Earth Day celebrations will be held throughout campus daily between April 17 and April 23rd. Check the Earth Week Calendar of Events below for more information.



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