The swim team has begun practices for the 2016- 17 season and swim meets will begin in just a couple of weeks.

Alec Webster, head coach of Paci c University’s men and women’s swim teams says that so far, everything’s been going great.

“All of the swimmers have been training extremely hard, injuries are low and the new freshmen are chomping at the bit to race,” Webster said. “Everyone is just overall on the same page.”

Compared to last season, Webster believes the women’s team will de nitely improve, while the men’s team will stay about the same.

In his 25th year of coaching, Webster can contest that everybody goes through the same thing, they graduate some great swimmers and then it all depends on who comes in.

“We graduated some really good swimmers and luckily got to replace them with some really good new ones,” Webster said.

Because of this, there is no way to tell how the competition will be until the team can see them for themselves and start seeing results.

When meets start in the end of October, they will be held every weekend through Thanksgiving, followed by a break until New Years.

This swim season, Paci c plans to win more meets, beat more team records and have a fantastic and successful time.


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