Pacific University welcomed a new Sports Information Director Danny Kambel Sept. 1, as he took over the vacant position.

Kambel was previously the Sports Information Director at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas for the last three years before making the move here to Pacific.

While in Texas, Kambel’s office was named 2015-16 American Southwest Conference Sports Information Department of the Year.

Kambel did his research before coming to Pacific and after talking with the athletic department and many coaches here on campus, he felt Pacific would be a perfect fit.

“Having examined the university, I felt like the direction the university was going was in line with what I wanted to accomplish personally and professionally,” Kambel said. “I felt like there were people hungry for my style of sports information which is student athlete centered and student athlete driven.”

Kambel has experience as a Media Coordinator and has worked for major NCAA events previously, including the Division II Golf Championships in 2008, the Division I Cross Country Championships in 2002 and many other events as part of the Media Relations Committee.

With all of his experience throughout the year, Kambel has high expectations for the Sports Information Department at Pacific.

“I want to have the best Division III sports information office,” Kambel said. “Just like the coaches here want to be the best in their various sports, I want our office to be the best.”

After being appointed Sports Information Director, Kambel was given the task of promoting and providing all the information that goes along with the football team’s trip to Hawaii for their game against Occidental this year.

While most may have been overwhelmed when given that task right from the start, Kambel looked at it as an opportunity.

“The Hawaii trip was an opportunity for me to showcase what I have to offer as a Sports Information Director,” Kambel said. “It was a great opportunity also to promote our school. It gave our student athletes a chance to publicize what they’re doing off the field as well as on the field and that gave me a chance to connect with them on a more personal level. It was a very rewarding experience.”

Moving forward, Kambel hopes to make Pacific’s Sports Information Department one of the best in the country and he plans on placing the focus solely on the student athletes, using social media and other outlets.

“I’m going to continue the commitment to being student athlete driven. We are concerned about how they do on the athletic participation surface, but off of it as well,” Kambel said. “I feel like every student athlete comes here for a reason and it’s my job to tell their story.”


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