Despite a tough loss this past weekend at Southern Oregon, the Pacific University Men’s Wrestling Team finished their 2013-2014 season strong, with a dual record of five wins and seven losses.

A total of ten members from the men’s team will    attend      regionals this year.

“The group is led by upperclassmen,” said senior Chris Harlin, who is going to regionals. “We’re going to make a splash this year at regionals.”

Seniors Bruce Balcita, Caleb Malychewski, juniors Eric Harder, Michael Tyner, Ryan Baxter, freshmen Jacob Richards, Lucas Beltz, Jeremiah Baker and Carson French are leading the group to regionals.

Malychewski attended regionals and went on to nationals last year.

He is the only one of the group to have done so before.

Lead by upper classmen, freshmen French, Baker, Beltz and Richards will be making their first appearance to regionals.

This experience will allow for a strong start to the team next season. The upper-classmen expect to finish their year with victories at regionals, potentially qualifying them for nationals.

The top three people in each weight class will continue onto regionals

Regionals will be held March 1 in Augsburg, Minn..

The top three people in each weight class will then continue on to the next stage of nationals, which is March 15, 2014in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

While the team suffered a loss in their last dual meet falling 37-3, Richards picked up his second duel heavyweight victory of the season.

The Boxers are spending the next two weeks preparing for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III West Regional Championships at Augsburg College.

“Regionals are what matter,” said Harlin. “Our coach is hoping that from there, at least five of us will go to nationals.”


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