Patrick Kinghorn is a new addition to the coaching staff for the men’s tennis team at Pacific.
He started for four years under head coach Brian Jackson, and was co-captain of the team ever since he was a freshman.
Last year he graduated and his eligibility expired but that didn’t stop Kinghorn’s involvement.
He is still a part of the team, helping them win in another important way, even if it’s off the court.
Jackson is pleased to have Kinghorn back for another year and said, “He’s done so much for the team, we’re just glad to have him back.”
Kinghorn works with players on their tennis skills as a second assistant coach to Jackson, but also he has played a large role in the team’s publicity this season.
For people who follow Pacific tennis on Twitter, Kinghorn sends out the feeds, alerting fans about the team’s success.
After playing with many of the players on the team for four years, Kinghorn is faced with coaching many former team members, most of whom he is still friends with.
“It’s a little difficult still having the guys be my best buddies,” said Kinghorn.
He now takes an authoritative position among people he used to joke with.
But he said, “I’m not trying to point my finger and demand respect.”
Kinghorn is confident the respect will come with time, and he is only worried about the team’s success, not the attention he is receiving.
It has been difficult for the team to adjust to not having Kinghorn on the court, but they are managing well and winning important matches.
“I wish I could be out there, but our guys are doing a great job,” Kinghorn said.
Jackson would like to have Kinghorn back again next year but is uncertain as to whether it is an option.
Kinghorn wants to be a part of what is taking shape at Pacific. He said, “where the program is heading is exciting.”


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