Considering the accomplishments of last season’s team, the men’s Pacific Soccer program has been questioning their uncharacteristic 0-4 start to this season. Head coach Jim Brazeau however warns not to worry. The four games played so far have been part of the preseason.

Up next, the Boxers take on Whitworth at 2:30 p.m. Sept. 17. Senior captain Patrick Murray said, “It’s the game to watch for. After the way things went down last year, we’re looking for a good match.”

Murray, who has had a good relationship Brazeau since he was eleven, believes this team has potential to be very successful and under the leadership of a coach like Brazeau, Murray said there are more positive outcomes possible than negative.

Although the Boxers lost nine seniors, Brazeau is still confident that this season will prove as successful as past seasons.

“We have the talent, and our incoming freshman class is key.”

The Boxers have gained 13 fresh pairs of legs. Both Murray and Brazeau believe this group of young men has what it takes to do something special with the upcoming season. Brazeau still expects the seniors on the team to step up and be leaders.

He said with so many new young faces on the squad, it is important that someone besides a coaching figure steps up to show them how to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played.

An unexpected upset has also affected the Boxers. They were ranked behind Pacific Lutheran University this season even though they finished in front of them last year.

“They have more returning seniors,” Murray said.“It should be exciting, we beat them last year by scoring with only nine seconds left.”

For the Boxers, it is important to get off to a good start in league when they take on Whitworth.

According to Murray they will be ready to fight for their titles and there is a big target on Pacific’s back after the way they outshone everyone last year.

Despite losing many key players, they have gained fresh talent and enthusiasm and look to duplicate if not surpass last years record, obliterating expectations currently set.

The table is set for another exciting season of Pacific University Boxer’s soccer.


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