Handball team takes third place in Ariz. for nationals

Korina Kaio-Maddox

Korina Kaio-Maddox

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The 2011 edition of Boxer Handball took third at the fifty-ninth USHA Collegiate championships held at Arizona State Univ. Sunday, Feb. 27.

Individual honors went to Kim Okenaku and Isaac Carroll (pictured above, right,) who took second place in their intermediate skills groups, while other Boxers Anna Beebe, Samuel Arriola and Gavin Brown reached the semifinals of their classes.

The top-ranked Boxer, Alfredo Herrera, reached the elite eight (of 190 men) and was seeded sixth.

He also defeated a Missouri State player who had previously qualified in a pro handball-qualifying event, not often seen with collegiate players.

Of these six players, four return for the 2012 event, which is scheduled to take place in Florida – Brown, Okaneku, Arriola and Herrera.

They will join a group of new players as well as some added recruits.

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