The men’s basketball season concluded this Sat. Feb. 9 and players and coaches are looking to the future in lieu of their season. With two more games left the team currently holds a 2-12 record in Northwest conference.

Despite their record, the team is maintaining a positive outlook on the future of Boxer men’s basketball.

Senior forward LeMar Anglin reflected on the season and recalled the good moments the team had on the court and how they sometimes struggled to put a whole game together.

Senior guard Carson Bartlett said he wished they pushed through more games, but he was happy he had been able to bond with his team.

Bartlett will have one more of year of eligibility.

Anglin is looking into playing overseas when he is done with his last year of school.

He said he wishes he could play another year with the team however, because he believes that Boxer basketball is heading in a positive direction.

Head Basketball Coach Tim Cleary agrees that this is a time for Boxer basketball to build and grow in its dominance in the conference.

“I think that we are transitioning into a new era, a new phase of boxer basketball,” said Cleary.

He said his long-term goal for the team is to be a consistent competitor in the Northwest Conference.

Cleary said to do that they had to put a new system in place that the players had to learn.

Overall Cleary described this season as a learning experience for himself and his players.

He said he hopes it will allow them to begin constructing a competitive and successful men’s basketball program .

“I was really proud of the team this year. I think they hung together and worked really hard through the course of the season.”


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