Jose “Eddie” Carrillo is a psychology major whose project topic focuses on the connection between the mind and body.

Embodied cognition is the formative role the environment plays in the development of cognitive processes.

An interesting perspective of embodied cognition is that our mind doesn’t control our body, but our body controls our mind, Carrillo explained.

“From past experiences, our bodies will send signals to our minds that this is the way you should feel when you are cold, or hot, or warm.” Carrillo said.

In order to conduct his study, Carrillo made a survey in which people when answering, would be feeling different based on the text. Throughout the year Carrillo has asked participants to volunteer and help with his research

“We have different surveys and questionnaires that each person fills out, depending on the condition they are in, they are either manipulated to feel warmer, colder or they are not manipulated at all.” Carrillo said.

When being asked on how the project changed his overall outlook on embodied cognition, Carrillo said he was amazed on how his research helped.

“This project has taught me a lot about the topic. I had never really looked into it until I started working on this.” Carrillo said.

As for results on his research, Carrillo said that he will show them on his presentation day.


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