Album makes for ideal fall soundtrack

Sebastian Herr

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A gentler outing than their first album, “Light Upon the Lake,” Whitney has returned with a warm, contemporary indie album in “Forever Turned Around”.

Released at the end of August, the album pairs perfectly with the autumn season compared to the faster pace of the Chicago band’s first studio release.

Soft trumpets and warm strings accompany much of the album and compliment the more traditional guitars and drums creating a relaxed, somewhat somber sound.

Lead singer and drummer, Julien Ehrlich, returns with his high tenor voice and sings about a faded love he doesn’t want to give up because the memories of being alone still haunts him.

Some of the stand out tracks, “Giving Up,” “Valleys (My Love),” “Friend of Mine” and “Used to be Lonely” all convey that theme even in their titles alone. However, “Forever Turned Around” remains playful in sound and moves at a comfortable pace despite the melancholic subject matter.

The most spirited track is probably “Rhododendron,” which is track number six of ten total and is entirely instrumental. It’s a nice buffer in the middle of the album serving to pick up anyone who’s gotten mired in the somber lyrics.

“Friend of mine” and “Used to be Lonely” build to instrumental endings that also leave the mood in a better place than it began.

“Forever Turned Around” is an album that works in multiple settings, whether that be stuck in a sad mood, enjoying a relaxing evening or even staring out the window watching the leaves change, warm cup of coffee or tea in hand.

Memorable motifs from guitar, strings and trumpet form a mellow atmosphere throughout that’s enjoyable, but leaves “Forever Turned Around” feeling slightly repetitive after multiple listens.

Many songs are short, sweet and don’t overstay their welcome — if anything, they leave listeners wanting more, not less, even if they blend a little too well together.

For Whitney fans or fans of contemporary indie music, “Forever Turned Around” is definitely a recommended listen, especially for the fall.