It is said that on Jan. 20 one could faintly hear the Imperial March as President of the United States Donald Trump was sworn in. In November, Trump shocked the nation with his upset victory over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Much like his campaign, Trump’s first two weeks as the Commander and Chief has been filled with controversy. I was as disappointed as anyone when Trump was elected, but was willing to give him a chance. Unfortunately that chance has quickly dissipated with the decisions he has already made.  His most controversial decision was an executive order issued banning people in seven countries from traveling to the U.S. Among the seven were Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. First and for most, when has banning anything ever worked? Guns, alcohol, marijuana? 
When you ban something it makes it taboo and creates a natural curiosity among people. When you single out a group of people, such as the Muslims, it pushes them toward radical ideologies. It makes them believe that Americans are racist giving groups such as the Islamic State the power to manipulate them. Claiming that Muslims are in support of terrorism is like saying that Christians support the Ku Klux Klan. Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the color of skin or your religious beliefs. In 2015, a white man walked into a church in Charleston, South Carolina and proceeded to kill nine people all of which were black.
The shooter then claimed he was completely mentally stable during the shooting. While this event was tragic, what is more tragic is the perception. It is the perception that if someone of a different ethnic background shoots up a church, it is considered terrorism. But if a white person does it, they are considered misunderstood or in need psychological help. It is all the same. How can we deny access to these people when terrorism derives from within our very own country? I’m not saying that radical Islam hasn’t caused harm to our country. I am saying that this type of xenophobia is what they hate about us.
Maybe, if we didn’t constantly fill ourselves up with this feeling of false nationalism, radicals would stop trying to take our heads off. However, this political season was amusing to me.  It showed us the power of radicalism within our country. Donald Trump used the far right as political pawns to become president. He pandered to a group of people who felt like they were ignored by a Democratic president and House of Representatives. Trump threw out a couple radical ideas, such as building the wall and the travel ban, and that group of people resonated with it. If liberals learned anything in this election, this is what happens when you completely ignore the concerns of certain people. So far, Trump’s presidency has been worry some, but if there was ever a time where education is needed it will be over the next four years.

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