Activities and Cultural Events Board has not cancelled dances.

The only dance that has been cancelled at Pacific University is the idea of Boxer Ball or in other terms, an end-of-year formal.

Even before Boxer Ball’s demise, ACE Board has been working to make dance atmospheres safe and fun.

As a reminder, the latest changes in safety simply requires students to get a ticket in advance, bring his or her ID, show up at least an hour before the dance ends and, as technically required before but so abused by students, to be sober.

This semester we are teaming up with big groups on campus like Residence Hall Association, possibly Greek groups along with the Art Club to host a Halloween dance/carnival/Haunt the Hall extravaganza night on Oct. 30.

We are hoping by teaming up with other groups it will not only help spread the word, but it will mean we can put on bigger events meeting the needs of all students. For the moment, we are heading in the direction of themed dances. The Halloween dance of course is Halloween themed meaning costumes, music at the carnival and so on. If the student body responds well in the spring, we want to host a possible ’90s, ’80s or ’70s themed dance, or all three!

We want to have dances bringing students together for a good night of dancing and laughing!

We are open to ideas or suggestions of music, possible themes, specific days and so forth.

We are also reaching out to other groups to collaborate so we can provide the student body with what they want. Part of this has also been trying to balance dances with other activities like live music, open mic nights and movies.

In a Spring 2013 survey answered by 361 students, conducted by Student Senate, less than 25 percent of students said a dance was their first choice of a weekend activity.

ACE Board thanks the students for having patience with us and asks that students keep a lookout for possible collaboration opportunities or for more dances to come in the future!

So come laugh, sing and most importantly dance with us!


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