The year 2012 came and went, and now 2013 is  upon us. As usual, we at The Pacific Index have had a wonderful time bringing the campus its news this past year, and yet we also hope for brighter things to come in the new one. This is the time of year that many people across the world are making and adjusting to changes in their lives, and we applaud them.

We at the Index are also going through changes right now, the main one being the departure of our managing editor and advertising manager, Katie Sipos.

This will be Sipos’ final issue at The Pacific Index, where she has been hard at work since 2009. Starting out as a reporter, she later held such positions within the staff as student life editor, managing editor, advertising manager, co-executive editor and news editor.

As all students eventually must do, however, Sipos is moving on from Pacifc University and The Pacific Index. She has been well-known as one of the journalism department’s top students during her time here, and certainly has better and brighter opportunities ahead of her in the years to come.

Katie has been a major resource for the rest of the editors this past year, and her experience has been invaluable.

While we are sad to see Katie leave us as she pursues higher education and her career, we also are taking this opportunity to look forward to great opportunities to come. We wish her the best of luck and the utmost success in her endeavors.


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