In 2011 the most popular English language word on the Internet has been OCCUPY. What is this movement? What does it stand for? What do they want to change? Those interested may want to look at the following statistics taken from the Congressional Budget Office.

According to New York Times article published in October, “Top Earners Doubled Share of Nation’s Income, Study Finds,” “the most affluent fifth of the population received 53 percent of after-tax household income in 2007, up from 43 percent in 1979. In other words, the after-tax income of the most affluent fifth exceeded the income of the other four-fifths of the population.

“People in the lowest fifth of the population received about 5 percent of after-tax household income in 2007, down from 7 percent in 1979. Inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions and the Spanish Indignados, the Occupy movement is a worldwide effort to restructure our political and economic systems.”

After only a few months, the Occupy movement now lists 2,686 local groups in communities worldwide.  Occupy at Pacific started as a conversation between students who witnessed the forceful eviction of Occupy Portland by riot police on Nov. 13. Since then, we have grown to a body of concerned students working through direct democracy to change our campus and our world.

We are committed to bringing a sense of political engagement to our everyday lives. We want to question the things we all buy, think and do in order to create a better world. We want to have an honest and open discussion with students, faculty and administration about matters that have a direct impact on our lives. Join us! We meet in the Pulse on Thursdays and Sundays at 7 p.m.

Occupy at Pacific stands in solidarity with the greater Occupy movement in our efforts. We work to establish a campus-wide, local, national and international conversation aimed toward a restructuring of the current economic and political system—one we feel no longer works in the best interest of those it governs.


In peaceful solidarity,


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