Pacific University’s Center for Peace and Spirituality entered into the school year with hopes of rebuilding and reestablishing now inactive clubs and organizations that have specialized in social justice, peace and religion on campus in the past.

According to the Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie, director of the Center for Peace and Spirituality, several cultural, spiritual and religious clubs have thrived on Pacific’s campus in the past. However, have lacked the organization and drive needed to keep them active and running for future generations of Boxers.

Two clubs the Center for Peace and Spirituality hope to revitalize this semester include the Jewish Club and the Muslim Student Association. Starting in November, the Center for Peace and Spirituality will host community nights for like-minded individuals to gather, discuss and get excited about the two clubs.

“This will help bring these students together,” Currie said. “And restart, reorganize and reenergize these clubs that have been previously active.”

Currie said he is hopeful the clubs will find strong leadership during these community nights and once again be able to participate meaningfully in campus wide discussion. The Center for Peace and Spirituality is also working to reintroduce the Buddhist Club to Pacific’s campus, and build and introduce a brand-new Humanist Group Club.

“We want to make sure students of all religious backgrounds are supported,” Currie said. “And feel welcomed.”

Currie and the Center for Peace and Spirituality’s Advisory Committee have been reaching out to different areas of campus in an attempt to bolster membership and connect with other centers, to coordinate events in support of the clubs hoping to make a return to campus.

Currie has already reached out to the Center for Civic Engagement, the Tom McCall Center and the Center for Gender Equity, in an attempt to enlist support in helping direct and mentor the clubs in the future. Though Currie will be out on medical leave from December to August, he said is hopeful and excited to see what the new clubs will accomplish in the future.


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