The Forest Grove community will be receiving multi-million dollar renovations and developments over the next four years. With new buildings sprouting up around town and old buildings given a face lift, many of the projects will provide new jobs and new living options for Forest Grove residents.

According to Howard Sullivan, current director of the Forest Grove and Cornelius Chamber of Commerce, these projects that will be completed between now and 2021 will be an investment of around $149 million for the Forest Grove community. There are three major residential developments currently in the works in the community that will be completed between 2019 and 2021.

One of these developments is just a few blocks from the Pacific University campus known as the Jesse Quinn Apartments, located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and A Street. The building will be four stories high with 2,500 square feet of retail and commercial on the first floor and it will have 78 new apartment rooms on floors two, three and four. This project is a $15.5 million investment.

“The idea behind it is to give Forest Grove residents who have become too old for their upscale homes, an opportunity to have living options that are right in town,” Sullivan said. “It won’t be a retirement home, but it will be an opportunity for those residents to sell their house and move in to Jesse Quinn which is a block from the bus stop and Main Street. It will also be for people who want to live there and be walking distance from the downtown core.”

The city is also constructing another apartment complex on the east side of Forest Grove beside Ace Hardware. This development will add 192 rental apartments, as well as 2,500 square feet of commercial retail. The project will be approximately a $28 million investment. The third residential development in Forest Grove is the Silverstone development located on David Hill road.

“The Silverstone development will include 204 new single family homes,” Sullivan said. “It’s a three phase project and they are currently in phase one which is construction. This will be a $54 million investment for the community.”

Forest Grove has also had a few commercial retail projects take place over summer including the renovation of the McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel. The renovation was a $4.4 million investment that added 14 new rooms to the third floor bringing the total number of rooms to 90. They also added bathrooms to many of the rooms as part of the renovation.

“What was interesting about that was that they didn’t close any of the hotel,” Sullivan said. “The hotel was still operating, the restaurants were still serving customers and they were able to have the whole third floor be remodeled. They also had to put in a lot of steel beams to reinforce the whole building and they didn’t have to shut down at all and continued to do all the stuff they had been doing.”

The city will also be adding a new medical building that is currently under construction over by the hospital. The building will be titled The Reines Dialysis Center is a $5.4 million investment and will take the place of an existing building which was torn down over the summer.


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