At Pacific University, summer is typically the busiest time of year for the Facilities Department to get work done, and this summer was no exception. With over 30 projects on tap for the summer break, Campus Public Safety, Director of Facilities Management Cindy Schuppert and her team had their hands full.

Some of the projects included roof repairs, sidewalk and parking lot repairs and the installation of new card readers and cameras in several campus buildings. Among the building to get roof repairs were Jefferson Hall, Clark Hall, Drake House, Price Hall, the Student Health Center and the Library.

According to Schuppert, the roof repairs were done to improve drainage on the buildings, with some roofs having to be redone completely. Sidewalks around campus also received a face lift over the summer break, with walkways around Price Hall, Jefferson Hall and Warner Hall being redone, as well as the University Center (UC) and the quad. The sidewalk repairs eventually led to a complete overhaul of the Warner Hall parking lot.

“We were originally just going to do some repairs on the parking lot, but when we started to dig up where it needed repairs, there was no sub-grade on it or compressed rock underneath it,” Schuppert said. “It’s been at least 40 years since that lot was put in and they just paved over dirt, which is why it was failing. That project won’t be completed until the end of September.”

Something students will notice around campus this school year will be the increased number of card readers in many of the buildings on campus. Among the buildings to receive new card readers
this summer were Scott Hall, the Stoller Center and the UC.

“In Scott Hall we put in card readers on the main door and we put one on the computer classroom upstairs so that students could get in there even after the building closes,” Schuppert said. “We also put camera on all the entries and the computer classroom for security purposes.”

The Stoller Center also added card readers and cameras for better security and to regulate and monitor who is using the fitness center. The UC received card readers on the entries as well so that students will be able to use it even after it closes.

With some projects still in their finishing stages, Schuppert does not have any other projects currently scheduled for the fall semester.

“We try to get most of it done during the summer,” Schuppert said. “Of course if there are emergency stuff that needs to be done we will take care of it and I’m sure there will be some. There are projects that always pop up throughout the year.”


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