For this issue’s regular column, “Faces of Pacific,” the Index editorial staff had originally chosen to feature an interview with Director of Facilities and Safety Management Harold Roark.

But upon contacting Roark, he suggested that the article be focused on Manager of Custodial and Facilities Doug Martin.

For Martinn Pacific residence halls will be an even greater place to live in once he has reached his overall goal of creating a more eco-friendly campus.

Martin works toward this goal in his everyday tasks on campus, alongside the team of 28 that he leads. Within that hard-working, successful custodial staff, 16 members have worked for Pacific University for more than ten years.

“These people are some of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met,” said Martin. “They go above and beyond every expectation to help make this campus more sustainable and clean.”

Martin even goes outside his regular duties to create a cleaner, greener Pacific. He has been working with recycling programs as well as the student workers and Director of the Center for Sustainability John Hayes on the entities’ common goals.

In April 2011, Martin and nine other speakers shared a presentation describing the processes behind, “Greening Pacific from the Inside Out: Diverse Approaches to Sustainability on Campus.”

One of the key points in Martin’s group presentation was to eliminate unsafe, harsh chemicals from being used on Pacific’s campus.

But the driving force behind Martin and his team is of course, the students.

“I would really like students to be able to live comfortably in a more sustainable environment,” he concluded.


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