Originally a Midwesterner, Pete Erschen is Pacific’s Assistant Director of Student Activities and has been working for Pacific for 11 years. He has held such positions as Resident Director of Clark Hall, Assistant Director of Learning Support Services for Students with Disabilities, Internship coordinator at the Career Development Center and adviser to the Pi Kappa Rho fraternity.

As Assistant Director of Student Activities, Erschen’s responsibilities include advising ACE Board, advising the Greek Senate and working to promote and assist cultural events on campus.

Erschen felt his years as a college student were powerful and fun. It was an experience he said he wished to create for other students.

“At Pacific, people care much more broadly about the whole entire community,” said Erschen. “People know each other and that was something that was important to me and why I got into higher education in the first place.”

The diversity of students at Pacific is one thing that Erschen really enjoys and noted that getting to know students during his time in Clark Hall was something that he grew to like.

He also appreciates that many of the students here take college seriously.

When he doesn’t have to work, Erschen’s favorite thing to do is be up in the mountains or up in the forest. He admitted that after moving out west, he fell in love with Oregon.

The part Erschen loves about his job is getting to work with student leaders to make something fun for students to remember.


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