Every student, faculty member and professor that comes to Pacific University has a story to tell. To be able to record and distribute just one of those messages to the student body takes a significant amount of time and energy. But that is exactly what the staff of Boxer Tales strives for. Incorporating video, photography and audio recordings, this multimedia venture takes storytelling to a new level.
Under the direction of Parrish Evans, Boxer Tales captures the stories of a wide variety of students and faculty at Pacific.
“We want to get a personal feel with the videos,” said Evans in his office on the third floor of Marsh Hall. “We follow the subject around during their daily life, and do several interviews as well; photographing and filming the whole time.”
The videos, which usually fall around a three-minute length, rotate around a theme that the featured student or professor brings to Pacific.
“We hear by word-of-mouth or from different departments about people who might have an interesting story to turn into a Boxer Tale,” said Evans. “Being able to go to so many different places and meet so many different people is really exciting.”
Evans graduated from Pacific in 2011, with a major in film studies, “I worked as an intern for Boxer Tales when I was an undergraduate,” laughed Evans. “And now here I am as the director.”
The Boxer Tales staff also consists of two student interns, Jeremy Liwanag and Stacie Struble. These two interns help with the production of the videos, shooting and editing the clips into a final product.
The Boxer Tales videos are another form of promotional material for Pacific; drawing in online viewers to see what Pacific has to offer though a visually engaging medium of video and photography. The Boxer Tales staff works closely with the Marketing and Communications Department to get their work posted on the website for people to view. With the fast paced world of social media growing more predominant, it is important for Pacific to have a good presence online. Successfully marketing a university in the modern age takes more than just flyers and pencils.
“We have a target audience of prospective and transfer students, but these videos are for anyone to see,” said Evans. “We also feature videos about alumni, as a way of showing what people do with their lives after they attend Pacific.”
The successful work of Evans and his staff with Boxer Tales looks to be continuing on.
“We are always striving to stay creative, find people to feature,and make sure we do out best at telling their story effectively,” said Evans. “I love to see the interns develop their skills as journalists and film makers and I thoroughly enjoy meeting the many different people who go to Pacific.”


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