Delays in acquiring city permits prevented Facilities Management from moving to a new location over the summer.
Pacific purchased three properties on Sunset Drive early in 2012 and two adjacent lots were slated to become the new home of facilities, which is currently located on leased land.
When the move failed to happen, rumors sprung up that the properties would be the site for a new residence hall.
“That might happen sometime in the next 10 years,” said Director of Housing Lisa Geraci, “but I’ve heard nothing about a new hall.”
The two properties involved in the rumor are not large enough to hold a residence hall, but if neighboring plots become available, that could change.
“It’s hard to say what the future of those properties is,” said Vice President of Finance and Administration Mike Mallery. “We’re talking decades, way out there as the houses become available. We could wait 30 or 40 years before homeowners sell.”
“We aren’t looking to kick out residents,” said Director of Facilities and Safety Management Harold Roark.
Each time Pacific’s master plan is changed, it has to be approved by the City of Forest Grove. Only then can an architect begin a preliminary plan for a new building, which in turn needs to be granted permission by the city.
“Then it’s just a matter of moving forward,” said Roark.
Mallery said, “we can expect to see that early spring of next year.”


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