To keep on top of current trends, the Pacific University website is constantly getting updated and changing to make for a better user experience.

Although the most recent update isn’t a drastic one, according to Associate VP for Marketing and Communications Tammy Spencer, the website has a “more open, cleaner and lighter look.”

Spencer said that the Web Marketing Developer Ben Griffin worked on the improvements. These include updated buttons on the right side of the homepage and the addition of a social media aggregate page.

“The right hand side is more dynamic and interactive,” said Spencer while the social media aggregate page is, “ahead of the curve and intended to ensure whoever is using social media can now follow different pages.”

Users now have direct access to the University’s Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Foursquare pages along with specific links to the various groups that use those pages and are affiliated with the university.

An example of this is users can directly subscribe to the French Club Facebook page or the Men’s Tennis Twitter account through the social media aggregate page.

There is also a more prominent emphasis on video and a direct link to the Pacific Magazine webpage.

Spencer saw the addition of the Pacific Magazine on the homepage as a positive one because, “the day the magazine was visible on the homepage we saw that there was an initial spike of interest and the web traffic increased.”

Spencer said that in the future the website will continue to be updated to improve the user experience.


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